On June 7th, 2007, in Kirkuk Iraq, I was nearly killed when an enemy rocket landed right in front of me.

I experienced devastating injuries to my body and mind and narrowly survived.

It was a boiling hot day with a temperature of about 115 deg Fahrenheit.

I was serving as an Infantry company commander in Hawija Iraq, with the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment “Wolfhounds” from the 25th Infantry Division, US Army. 

After being injured, some of the best medical teams in the world performed 20+ surgeries in Iraq, Germany, Texas, and Hawaii to keep me alive and save my left leg and right arm. I had to go through almost a year of physical therapy. 

In addition to the obvious damage, I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, often called the invisible injury. I was “the first graduate” of the mild Traumatic Brain Injury Academy at Tripler Army Medical Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

That day in Iraq changed my life forever, and it wasn’t just the injuries, or the pain, or the limitations that followed. 

That single event caused me to question many of my foundational beliefs. On June 7th, 2007, as I laid on the ground, with my life draining out of me onto the 115-degree pavement,  I found myself saying, “It wasn’t worth it.” 

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The moment that the enemy rocket exploded in front of me, the second that I felt the shrapnel tear through my body, I knew that I had failed myself. 

The long workdays and years away from home living someone else's mission and values simply weren’t worth the cost to my family, my health, and my fulfillment. 

Some may say, “wait a minute, you were serving your country. Is that not enough for fulfillment?” To which I answer, no it’s not. 

It wasn’t the mission in Iraq, US policies, or service to my country that bothered me. It was me! I wanted something different.

I realized in a split second that my spirit wanted to be a creator, an adventurer, to live the maximum joy and fulfillment that this life had to offer.

I made a commitment that day to “live life by a different set of rules.”

I knew there was a better way that could create joy and abundance.

Well, I lived through that day by God’s Grace, and I kept my promise.

Ultimately I made the decision to continue to serve my country in positions of greater responsibility for an additional 12 years, but I was playing by different rules. 

And, now I had a personal vision and a creed that was stronger than words.

I was going to prove that an average person could design and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

I’ve spent a total of 20 years in leadership positions within the US Army.

Eventually, I earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and led large teams to solve wicked problems around the world.

I also studied everything I could about how to live a resilient and fulfilling life of abundance.

My intention to live a purposeful and fulfilling life eventually led to my own personal breakthroughs;  and ultimately to my life’s vision of helping others to live in an unshakeable optimum state. 

My name is Beau Hendricks. I am a resilience and leadership coach. I successfully retired from the US Army in 2019 as a Lieutenant Colonel, Airborne & Ranger, Combat Veteran, and Wounded Warrior. 

Through the Warrior Leader Academy, we educate, train, coach, and mentor leaders and organizations to build unshakable resilience and create a legacy. 

We do this by helping you

1) Believe in yourself

2) Commit to growing into the leader you were born to be

3) Know yourself deeply

4) Understand resilience as a way of life

4) Learn to overcome all obstacles

5) Learn to be more authentic

6) Develop your strategy

7) Be a massive action taker

8) Continue to build your tribe

Today I love to share my story and hard-earned wisdom with leaders that want to make a difference and enjoy life in the process.

My core values in life are Liberty, Primary Service (meeting your own needs in a healthy way), Primary Leadership (leading yourself first), Empowerment, and Resilience.

I enjoy enabling other people to live in an optimum state of mind, to relieve suffering, and improve their well-being. This is my “why.”  

I always say in life that “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I encourage you to take a stand for yourself today, to “live your maximum life.”


28 Year Leadership Journey

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